Ok, guys, I've ranked the songs and in the interest of your time, I suggest just listening to what you're able to but focusing on what I've rated highest and working down. They are sorted by genre and then within each genre by my own ranking but randomized a bit.  As those top songs are all that will really be relevant to songs winning the contest. Obviously, if you disagree with a low rated song and think it should be rated higher, please do.   Please send me a PM on reddit with a 1-10 ranking on the songs  on as many songs as you're able to. Just send me the song title and the rating number. You can even send them one at a time if you want. I'd like to ask that you focus on the Americana list the most.  The reason being, that is where my own songs are located as well as z4rdoz, one of the other advanced judges, and that is what needs to be addressed by an outside opinion as much as possible.  Also, I think that is most of you all's interest in songs.

If you have disagreement regarding the genre's, I'm happy to hear the but lets only discuss changing them for songs that have a chance of being in the top 3.  Otherwise, it's irrelevant and not worth our time.  

Please try to be as honest as possible and rank my songs low if you have to (even if it will make me sad, lol).   Links below go to each of the genre's.  Again, they should be listed in order of what my own voting was so just start from the top and work your way down as far as you have time for.    I really appreciate all of your help.

Edit: at 11:55 CST I edited this list and added some additional songs I had left out.

Link to RecordingTitleGenra
Warm Low GlowAmericana Skies and Mai TaisAmericana Left To TakeAmericana HerAmericana DistortionAmericana're Too Young to Have a Heart AttackAmericana'm Sorry I Had a Breakdown in Your HouseAmericana SufferingAmericana JonesAmericana Good ThingsAmericana Kinda WayAmericana Astronaut SongAmericana Astronaut SongAmericana About LoveAmericana Into the LightAmericana Is KneelingAmericana of My DreamsAmericana
How Do I Make This House My HomeAmericana
Hip Hop
Bittersweet LetterHip Hop RoyceHip Hop SongHip Hop The Roses Were Meant to DieHip Hop and ariock Ave2Hip Hop feat. Bobbie BoysHip Hop'S O K TRUE SUIT RIDDIMJAYHip Hop'S O K TRUE SUIT RIDDIMJAYHip Hop Kit Kat ProjectHip Hop It RainHip Hop MeHip Hop SongHip Hop Huh?Hip Hop
Honeymoon PhaseIndie Do We Go From HereIndie EverIndie On the WindIndie't Mind Me, Mind YouIndie To YouIndie Don't Even Know YouIndie More Anger, No More TearsIndie John'sIndie RealityIndie VioletIndie Millennial SongIndie In the ReefIndie In the ReefIndie and BurnsideIndie's the End of the WorldIndie'll Be FineIndie Your FoolIndie, I KnowIndie In the ColdIndie LullibiesIndie To Get Me ThereIndie Changed Your HairIndie's the PointIndie For the Deep BlueIndie and BurnsideIndie and BurnsideIndie
Friends WantedRock Little Still Life / Geek SpeedballRock Rock, Oh CaptainRock UpRock of TwoRock When I'm GoneRock Suburbs Have Ruined My LifeRock Of SlavesRock Are Not AloneRock To Make It WriteRock So GoodRock High With MeRock