I can't believe it man, he said science was joke

I stood jaw dropped, listening as he spoke

and politely interjected with some examples of the smoke

that comes from the fire of when mankind awoke

There's countless examples of the fallacy of man

crediting god for what he can't hold in his hand

yet later learning that we can understand

if we cast away fear and stand austere as we can

Isaac Newton discovered gravity

gave the world something they could never see

yet we know it exist 'cause it pulls on the sea

But your god's like a prod herding humanity

Creation's a callous, double edged sword

It defines destruction by its very word

Its just a label like a fable inferred

and the fire of science finds its all quite absurd

I paused and watched him whither and whine

as the truth became clearer and fear left his mind

and he questioned himself and intelligent design

He said religion's just division, that's how my whole vision's been defined

I said good morning, its good to be alive

Now help me wake the rest of the hive

Before they destroy the desire to be alive

Tell them: Evolution's what we're using now to survive

speak of hydrogen and helium as a start

take Adam and Eve and pick 'em all apart

and study their eyes, their brains and their heart

and dissect their DNA and display it as art

Think of the things that mankind can achieve

if we funnel the energy we use too believe

into something creative instead of something naive

Let the fire burn higher 'till what we seek we receive