A Barroom in Wyoming
A Cow
A Debt To See a Sign
A Letter to Myself
A Man Just Flying By
A Part of Something Like That
A River
About Her Leaving You Here
Absorb and Adore
Across the Sea
Act of War
Adae Adea
Am What I Am
American Landscape
And Carry On
And Free
And This and That
Art and Propaganda

Bacon In My Eggs
Be a Bum
Better Mind
Better Off Blind
Better Off Wandering
Better Times Ahead Boys
Bettin' That We Make It 
Between Morals and the Depths of Despair
Big Rolls
Bitter Old John
Bon Voyage!
Bound To Be Free

Carolina Crying
Carry It Through
Central Texas Highways
Change Upon Bliss
Choppin' Cotton

Day to Day
Dear Zoe
Delicate Sky
Desert King
Down the Street
Down to Fullerton
Dreams, Trains and Change

Eggdrop Soup
Enough of Your Love
Everybody Knows About You
Everything's Alive

Feel Again
Find Your Feet
Fine Line
Fire of Science
Follow the Lines

Get To Where You're Going
Give In To the Strife
God, You Make Me Hate
Golden Key
Gotta Water My Garden
Grow Again

Hand In Hand
Hard Fall to Jesus
Hard To Admire
He and His Son
Hello Doll
Hello Maria
Hero of the Story
Hey Mr. Congressman
Home of the Brave and Free
How Much You Mean
Hues and Saturation
Huevos Divorciados
Hum of the Highway

I Knew It
I Like To Figure It Out
I Won't Cry
I Wouldn't Mind Mona Lisa
I'm a Traveler
I'm Coming Back
I'm Tired of Being American
I've Given Back
If I Can Find My Way
If In the Morning
In It All Lies a Star
In My Bones
In My Mind
In the Caribbean
Inflation's OK
Insane Bullet Train
Interesting and Interested
Intersoul Highways
It Binds Me To Engage
It Felt So Cold
It Takes One
It's Already Occurred
It's An Act of War
It's Hard Being
It's Spring

John Henry's Shoes
Just a Man
Just Enough
Just Waiting On the Rain
Justify Jesus

King Hubbert
King's Casandra

L.A. Is Gone
La Fayette to Stay
Letters In a Box
Life's To Find Freedom
Like Seasons
Lil' Sammy
Liquor On My Mind
Living In the Age of the End of the World
Long Black Train
Longer Legs
Look For The Pictures

Made of Glass
Made of Men
Mario's Quest
Middle of an Ocean
Mountain of Deceit
My Fraternity Friend
My Own River Current
My Shadow Long
Never Believed I Could See
No Thought To Be Trouble

Of and After Isis
Old Man In a Bar
On a Summer Afternoon
On His Way
On the Shores of Bretton Woods
Only to Rise and Carrying Lies
Only Twenty-two

Papa Plays the Guitarrón
Piece of Myself
Pill Master Morning
Plastic Jesus
Playing In the Band
Please Rise
Pucker Your Lips

Rain on the Roof
Red Lights
Reddit Redneck Anthem 

San Diego
Seeing In To the World
She's a Queen

Shoulders Hurt Now
Silent Summer
Slow to Learn
Still Hear the Storm
Sweetie Pie

Tape Recorder
Texas to Virginia to Ohio
That Had a Glow
The Art That Man's Defined
The Astronomical Dawn
The Big Bang
The Birth of American Stardom - 1812
The Boss
The Comfort of Being In Arms
The Constant Ring
The Curtains
The Farm
The Gardner
The Harahan Bridge
The Human Condition
The Night Is Not a Cure
The Passing of Night
The Principals
The Saddest Senorita

The Tree of Love
The Tyrants of Dawn
The Universe's Plan
The Way Fate Flows
The Wild Rodeo
The Winds of Oklahoma
The Winter Back Home
This Number
Thought That Yesterday
Through Hills and Valleys
Tickled and Saved
Time In East Memphis
To Hold You
Tomorrow's Future
Trying To Keep Up
Twenty Four Roses

Uncle John

Wake Up
Warm Low Glow
We Will Be
We're At War
Wearing Down the Tread
Well We'll Be
What Remains
When I'm Gone Will You Cry
Whiskey On Her Breath
Who is Ed Bluesteen
Whole Full String
Wind As They Were
Winds of Oklahoma

Yellow Sun Save My Soul
You Astray
You Die Still Blue
Your Attention

G       C   G

She was your life and now you’re lonely we all know


You come to the bar every night and tell us so
G C      G

It’s been going on so long by now it just seems right

G      D       G

That you should be alone and go drinking every night

Sometimes you gotta wonder why things are the way they are

Why losers like yourself end up in this bar

Perhaps you were just too drunk to be a man

And she had desires that required a plan

        D       C

So you pay the jukebox to play the same old song

      D       C D

The one that make you feel like there’s somewhere you belong

      G   C G

But listen up the rest of us are sick of songs you play

 G D    G

We came just to get real drunk, not hear the same cliche’


If we hear one more song about her leaving you here


You’ll be asked to leave then where will you drink beer


Get a hold of yourself man its been more than a year

G    D G

And you’re still playing songs about her leaving you here

She’s probably off somewhere, a martini in her hand

Waiting for the show to end to go home with the band

Would you really want her back she left you really fast

She showed no remorse, of course, she knew you wouldn’t last

Now look at you you’re crying, expecting us to pretend

Like we care about you cannot seem to comprehend

that we came to the bar tonight for one reason, to drink

And we could give a rat’s ass if you swim or sink

So go back to the Jukebox and play another tune

Something a bit livelier and we'll drink here till noon

and never stop to think about the way it may have been

I said, play us a tune with no god damned violin


If we hear one more song about her leaving you here


You’ll be asked to leave then where will you drink beer


Get a hold of yourself man its been more than a year

G    D G

And you’re still playing songs about her leaving you here